6 cool must-have toys for boys & girls

From app-controlled robots to doll houses, these are the hottest toys for school-going children!

The LAliExpress team
Kids learn by playing, and toys that spark their imaginations also teach them a thing or two about creativity and problem solving. As little toddler boys and girls advance into school-going age, they start to develop their own interests, and might even start asking for more challenging toys to play with.

If your little one has a preference for more creative play, nurture and feed their curiosity with fun toys such as building blocks, pretend play sets, or tech models that’ll keep them entertained for hours. Here’s a bunch of fun and creative toys to encourage more play time and less screen time!

1. Build an app-controlled robot

Got a budding robotics whiz kid at home? Then this awesome smart robot will be his or her next favorite toy! Recommended for those above 8 years old, it comes as a self-build kit that’ll keep your little one busy for days! Once it’s assembled, the robot can then be programmed and controlled by its mobile app. Just how cool is that?
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2. Bring dinosaurs back to life

Create more realistic clay figures with this DIY dinosaur modeling kit, which comes with a skeleton upon which to build the model. The skeleton frame ensures that the dinosaur figures maintain a realistic shape and posture, and we’re pretty sure that the creators will feel proud of the end result! This’ll be a great educational toy gift too, as it inspires curiosity and conversations about biology and history.
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3. Starry starry night

Bring the beauty of the night sky right into the children’s room, where hundreds of stars can lull them into a deep, peaceful sleep. They can have loads of fun choosing between many variations of light combinations, changing the entire ambience with just a few button controls. Parents can also opt for the brighter multi-colored mode just before bedtime, and switch to the gentler, dimmer mode when it’s time for the kids to drift off to dreamland.
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4. Bee Creative

It’s always a great feeling to see what you can create with your own two hands. And you can inspire this sense of accomplishment in your child with building block sets such as this bee model! There are a total of 236 pieces to assemble, so this is most suited for older children who are pretty serious about their building hobby. This model also comes with a display stand, so your kid can proudly display the finished bee model in the bedroom like a trophy.
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5. Puzzle it out

This toy is going to be a fun challenge, making it a great activity for kids and adults to get together! Use it to encourage patience, focus and problem solving skills in your little ones, and watch as they work out the puzzle and become more confident with it each time! You can even use it as a playful addition to your coffee table, so that even once your family has conquered the block, guests can also take up the challenge!
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6. Get all dolled up

These delicately designed and true to life dollhouses are a great way to keep your child engaged and entertained. Each dollhouse comes with an assembly kit and instructions, so your child will get to put everything together on their own and add their own touches along the way. The final result should be a hyper-realistic dollhouse where they can play out stories and put on shows.
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