Insanely cute pet costumes for cats & dogs

Get inspired and shop for pet clothes for Halloween and Christmas!

The LAliExpress team
While a fur coat is a great go-to staple for cats and dogs, gone are the days when pets have just one look. Pet clothes are all the rage now, so get with the times and ensure your four-legged kiddo has the right outfit for every occasion. (That’s if your pet allows it! We trust that you’d be a better judge of whether your dog or cat is comfortable in pet clothing.)

All set to dress up for Halloween and Christmas? We’ve put together some ridiculously cute pet outfits here so that your cat or dog will never say “I’ve got nothing to wear!” ever again.

Replace screams with squeals this Halloween

If there’s one excuse to try a costume on your beloved pooch or feline, it’s got to be this spooktacular day. Don’t let this chance slip away... start shopping for some pet Halloween costumes now!

You can opt for the classic bat wing for cats, or have a stuffed cowboy ride your charging mutt. And now that superhero movies are trending, why not get a Superman dog costume? The lion mane headgear for cats is also popular, thanks to the new Lion King movie. The pet costume options are endless! Go let your doggo or kitty steal the spotlight this Halloween.

Fetching Christmas looks

Pets are family too, so don’t leave them out for family portraits this holiday season! Make this one even more joyful with a seasonal outfit – cats and dogs can always sleigh a Christmas pet costume.

A funny tacky sweater family portrait would be that much more comical with a matching sweater for the furbaby! Other simpler but equally funny Christmas outfits for pets include elf hats, reindeer headbands, and angel wings.

Fur’s not enough for winter!

Keep things cute and cuddly when the temperature drops with warm dog coats or cozy cat sweaters! From functional waterproof coats for large dogs to stylish jumpers for kittens, there’s an amazing variety of fashion fur-ward styles to choose from.

Why not take the opportunity to head outdoors for a photoshoot? Create moody shots in snowy landscapes, and these pet pictures might just get you much more followers on Instagram!

Pawfect summer outfits

When it’s time to go out and about to enjoy the balmy temperatures, be sure to pack some pet clothing and accessories for those countless photo opportunities! A dog neckerchief or cat sunglasses is perfect for a casual day out.

For something dressier, put a bowtie collar on! Definitely be prepared to have your furry friend swooned over by everyone in the neighborhood. Want to take it a notch higher? Go for an easy pet and human matching costume – just get a pet version of a Hawaiian shirt, striped top, or cotton T-shirt to complete the set.